Help plant a garden that embodies the legacy of Chris Dennis

Why I am a Champion for this Cause

As someone who knew Chris for only a short time, he made a great impression on me. I want to help memorialize a type of ecologically-friendly gardening system that he supported and that I too believe in. I hope that current and future 660 Stewart Cooperative members, other Cornell students, and community members will get involved in this project and make it a lasting fixture of the area.

I hope to be able to raise this money so we can put in a deer fence to protect our garden from local wildlife who will try to eat it if at all possible. I also would like for us to be able to buy the tools we need to implement the garden properly, as well as money to put in the plants we would like. We hope to also be able to run a water line out to the garden for some watering and irrigation. To follow our ideals in putting in this garden, we will need some funds, and I hope you will be willing to help us in that endeavor.

This cause is very important to me as a teaching tool for the Cornell community about permaculture and home gardening in general. It is also important as a source for free, fresh, local, and ethically produced food for many communities in Ithaca that volunteer their time in the garden. I have great hopes that this garden will help to somewhat fill the void that the removal of the Redbud Woods behind 660 left; it will also fill a new need for healing over Chris and bringing community members together over good food and beautiful landscapes. Please help contribute to this campaign and see the great steps that community gardening can bring for the local environment and the caring people within it.

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$40 raised
$200 goal

the backyard of 660 Stewart Avenue Cooperative house
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